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We have 2 available properties.

0.79 acres
0.79 acres lot
Phillips County, AR
0.22 acres
0.22 acres lot
Izard County, AR

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  • Arkansas Land for Sale - Arkansas is a wonderful land of great scenery, wildlife and rich culture. Arkansas is a place where the people are friendly. They are hardworking and positive...
  • California Land for Sale - California is a diamond–studded fantasyland filled with scenic delights. The mild climate guarantees year–round outdoor activity. California also offers a huge diversity, from the Pacific coastline’s sparkling beaches and endless range of watersports and active recreation, to the dramatic Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevada foothills teeming with hiking options and wildlife...

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Anytime you're ready to purchase land in the United States, we have lands available at a price that matches your budget! Don't forget about all the exciting amenities we offer our new members including online access to your account which gives immediate access to your land information. You can check payments, ownership status of the property and more! has maintained its great reputation as one of the leading land sellers around by providing the highest quality of service to our land buyers and sellers from around the world. We have been a part of the land industry and understand how to locate any rural property including farms, recreational land and everything in between. We have the tools of technology that land sellers need to be effective in the real estate industry.

We are also available 24/7 so you can check your account whenever desired. We understand that finding land for sale is about helping our customers find what they want and buy it at a price that's right for them, just like all of these buyers have! When you buy land from, we will proudly stand by our great service and amenities throughout the process of selling your property or purchasing rural real estate!

There are many buyers who want to own a piece of recreational paradise in an area that has robust tourism such as hunting, fishing, boating and camping. The purchase must be right for the buyer's lifestyle and budget though so we ensure education is provided through detailed descriptions on each listing page of exactly what someone can expect if they made this remote getaway their home. Buyers can also look for fully improved plots or raw land sales.

There are so many different kinds of properties available for sale at Land City that buyers have the option to buy just about any acreage they desire be it 1 square foot plots, lakefront lots and private waterfront acreages. More About Us - We've been an industry leader in technology by making every move we make thinkable as a customer's experience in real estate transactions has always been vital. When you buy land with us, all data fields were created because we asked our customers what information was missing on their other accounts so profile pages could receive more catered customization compared to competitor sites!

With advancements in real-time data collection and with an experienced team of developers on our support team, we'll continue to create the best experiences for all land buyers! Trust our Land Selling and Buying Experience - We make it easy for property owners to get their land listed in front of people who are looking to buy land. Our system enables you to choose the amount of exposure, show detailed images and videos inside your listing (and no annoying pop-ups or other distracting forms either), supply a map and tons of property detail including acreage size and home features available.

You can also choose between a full listing or an auction.