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The first step in finding a Phillips County owner financing land is to find out how much the owner wants for the property.

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    Phillips County is a great place to own land for people thinking of relocating to Arkansas. This part of the country is beautiful and it’s not flying over the top with tourists...
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    The Phillips county area has a number of larger farms and ranches that are conveniently located close to town, perfect for those with a desire to be involved in the cattle industry without having to spend a lot of hours on the road...
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Simply contact the owner to discuss the price and what is included or required. Once a price is agreed upon, you should then inspect the land to determine if it has access to water, sewer, power and if any improvements are needed before you submit an offer. Ask Land Owner if Owner financing is available You now want to turn your attention to the land financing itself.

Simple ask the owner if they are willing to owner finance the parcel. If the owner says yes and a price can be agreed upon, you then hire an attorney to prepare a land contract and have your title insurance policy in place. Owning land using Owner Financing in Phillips County Arkansas Running title and credit checks on the owner will be paramount to the success of any land purchase using owner financing.

If certainly not possible to run such checks, you should consider engaging an attorney to conduct some due diligence. You should also understand that not all land owners will agree to owner finance, but these instances should be rare. If you have access to owner financing land in Phillips County Arkansas, you have a great chance of making your dream of owning land a reality.

Phillips county is a great place to own land. There are many reasons why. It is a quiet place with small towns, but still has a bustling county seat named Helena.

The roads in Phillips county are in good condition. The taxes in Phillips county are lower than the other surrounding counties. Many new people are moving to Phillips county because of the jobs and rural life it offers.

If you look further out than Helena, you will find a lot of hills and really large houses. Many people are looking for land to buy from owners in Phillips County Arkansas. If you are looking for land to buy, you may have hard time locating what is for sale.

To solve that problem, we have listed all the available properties for sale in Phillips County. We believe this will make it easy to locate what you are looking for. Phillips County is a great area to own land.

With lower taxes, great people, and amenities to offer you can not go wrong owning land in Phillips county.