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Arkansas is a wonderful place to live and invest. Many people are rushing to buy Arkansas farmland, farms and ranches.

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Phillips County, AR

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  • Izard County AR Land for Sale - Izard County is great for those who want to live off of nature and be close to the boondocks. The forest, wildlife and wildlife areas that lie within the county will perk up even the most settled city goer’s senses...
  • Phillips County AR Land for Sale - Phillips County is a great place to own land for people thinking of relocating to Arkansas. This part of the country is beautiful and it’s not flying over the top with tourists...

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    Arkansas is a wonderful land of great scenery, wildlife and rich culture. Arkansas is a place where the people are friendly. They are hardworking and positive...
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    There are many reasons Arkansas is a great place to owner finance land. People are very friendly and hospitable in Arkansas. Many land owners will finance land to a new homeowner because they have been there themselves...

More information about Land for Sale in Arkansas

Prices are still affordable but will only go up. Buying farmland and ranches in Arkansas is a great opportunity for families to create a generational wealth for their children and grandchildren. Arkansas is one of the fastest growing states in the US and it‘s getting better every year.

Farm land in Arkansas is affordable vs any other parts of the country. Farmland prices are likely to be lower than prices in Texas, California or even North Dakota. It‘s a great time to join the movement.

We recommend two types of Arkansas farms and ranches: (1) Farms and Ranches that produce a cash crop, eg crops, greenhouse business and wood. We recommend you buy the farmland to create rental properties for agricultural use.

(2) Farms and Ranches as an excellent investment for retirement living. Purchase a farm meet state requirements for your own use or as an investment property to rent out to someone else. Agricultural properties are excellent investment properties.

We recommend all family members buy farms in Arkansas and Arkansas ranches for several reasons. They are a living representation of your family‘s agricultural roots, which is the very foundation of your family. They can be an excellent retirement property or the place you choose to grow old and stay in business.

Arkansas farm properties are great places to raise and educate children or grandchildren. Farmers and ranchers are highly sought after as employees because they have both a high school diploma (especially at the high school level) and experience in agriculture. They have a basic understanding of technology, business strategy and fiscal accountability.

If you weren‘t born on a farm or ranch, then it‘s time to start one! Why not buy land, throw up some houses on your land to rent out? Work from home, help people on the farm do their work better or hire an employee or two.

You choose your destiny! Farmland Benefits – Invest in land and take advantage of the tax breaks.

– Owning a farm or ranch gives you longterm financial freedom, security and stability. –

Owning a piece of land fosters a deep feeling of ownership and citizenship. You‘ll be more likely to respect, appreciate, and nurture the land because it‘s yours. –

Farm land helps preserve rural communities by supporting the local businesses that form at their edges. Diversification helps when ag prices decline. You can always sell off some for development or sell off some for building houses on it or renting out your house on smaller pieces of it to build rental property income properties to pay bills down the road.

Any building certificates you earn during that time makes up almost half your value when it comes time to sell them off as well, depending on what you have built out there on your property and what not. There are many ways to make extra income from owning farmland.